(201) Pole Dancing was created by Rena Christie
​to bring the fun of pole dancing
​ t​o the women of ​Bergen County New Jersey

201.960.0497  201poledancing@gmail.com  

To evoke positive emotions and create memorable experiences
   Rena  :-)

Pole dancing gets cleaned up
It is know that pole dancing has its roots in the adult industry, but its stigma is slowly being taken away by the empowered and fitness educated women of today. We are always looking for a new and enjoyable way to achieve our body image goals. Pole dancing is one of those ways! 

Why a pole party?
Celebrate a milestone event or the bride to be! Release those inhibitions! Increase confidence! Feel young! Learn something new! Learn new moves for your significant other! Laugh!
​And as always, have fun!

Parties for Progressive Women 
​Bergen County Area